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Jul. 28

Google+ – Just a Fad or the Next Wave in Social Media

Like many involved and/or participating in the world of social media, I have closely followed the Google+ field test since its launch just about a month ago now. I’ve read lots of articles debating its effectiveness or sustainability against social … Continue reading

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Jun. 13

Gone Fishin’

Like many other families with school-age children, summertime is our vacation time. In the media and PR world, summertime is known as a downtime when major efforts slow and preparations begin for Fall initiatives. Over the years, clients have resisted … Continue reading

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Apr. 05

Blurring the Lines between Personal and Professional Actions

As a senior level executive of any size organization, shouldn’t the executive have a right to a private life where he or she chooses to behave the way they want? Sure. But rest assured, there are consequences in the age … Continue reading

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Feb. 09

The Daily – Changing the Face of Journalism?

By now, you’ve probably read some type of review for The Daily, unless you just fell off a turnip truck. (For those who have, it’s The News Corporation’s (Rupert Murdoch) tablet-only newszine). Undoubtedly an incredible PR success for the iPad with an … Continue reading

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Nov. 11

PR on the High Seas

After spending a long weekend with the entire family sans electricity or modern comforts in the Tennessee mountains, my thoughts turn to those on the disabled Carnival Splendor cruise line just pulling into the port of San Diego today after … Continue reading

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Jul. 21

The Age of Indecision

Six days before leaving for vacation with my family (husband and 5-year-old daughter), I was paralyzed with anxiety — no, not about work or going to another country. I couldn’t make a decision about our lodging. This year, in lieu … Continue reading

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Apr. 19

The Age Old PR Question: Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

Yes, if you can believe it, I am still asked this question and rather frequently (admittedly, it’s sometimes from family members who aren’t sure what I do, but that’s a different blog post altogether). The short answer is no, all … Continue reading

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Feb. 24

“Don’t Pee on Me and Tell Me It’s Raining”

In an effort to tighten the proverbial Y&A belt, we decided to forego conference attendance in favor of webinars, etc in 2009. This year, as things are on the upswing, I have been fortunate to get out of my lair … Continue reading

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Feb. 03

Extra, Extra…Read All About It

Although as Meggan put it in her last post – we are fashionably late to the blog party – we have been hard at work for the past three years developing and distributing an opinionated bi-monthly newsletter, peppered with some … Continue reading

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