Is Your PR Program Flatlining?

shutterstock_125143757As many established PR professionals adhere to proven strategies and tactics for executing successful long-term PR initiatives, how can you tell if your program includes the best approach? And how do you know that your key messages are reaching the right journalists and industry analysts?

It’s a good idea to assess your current PR program on a regular basis to determine if it is generating the intended results. Following are some best practices to keep in mind:

Thought Leadership: Offer Actionable Advice
Whether in a byline capacity, delivering a presentation at an industry conference or serving as a resource in a marketplace trends story, your spokespeople have the opportunity to impart in-the-trenches advice and marketplace takeaways. Avoid self-serving sales messages and be willing to discuss areas outside – but related to – your core business. Is your organization offering relevant thought leadership?

Media Coverage: Forge Real Connections Successful media relationships are symbiotic. Your organization offers valuable perspectives to journalists who cover your industry and are willing to use you as a trusted resource. These connections require an investment in time and a willingness to engage multiple times. Is your organization proactively engaging with key media?

Press Releases: Quality Over Quantity
Instead of pumping out press releases that aren’t newsworthy for the sake of volume, focus on the key announcements that will hook the media – especially if they involve customer successes or new innovations. Save less news-worthy content for blog posts, social media and other avenues. Is your team executing an effective press release and content strategy?

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