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Sep. 27

Getting In Over Your PR Skis

I know, it’s a mixed methaphor. But here’s the point. While it may seem advantageous to jumpin on the hottest media trend (think DEI or AI) to garner media coverage, trying to force fit an organization into a topic that … Continue reading

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May. 17

Avoiding a Brand Identity Crisis

As tech business and consumer buying patterns shift based on market trends, new innovations, and general fluctuations, it can be easy to fall into the trap of shifting the core identity messaging to capitalize on those patterns. Often sales leaders … Continue reading

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Apr. 05

Friend or Foe: ChatGPT and PR

There’s been a lot of hand wringing since the launch of ChatGPT/AI-authoring tools for PR and marketing pros. Fear quickly bubbled to the surface that entire professions would be eliminated or at the very last downsized. Even some of our … Continue reading

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Jul. 19

Is It a Messaging or Facts Problem?

Often when issues arise within a business and there is negative chatter in the air (media, poor analyst reports, competitor fodder), all eyes turn to the marketing department and PR to manage the “messaging problem”. And while crisp concise messaging … Continue reading

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Nov. 22

Remain Calm; Carry On

We’ve all been in a difficult business meeting, conference call or other workplace situations where tough questions catch us off-guard (if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky). It’s easy to become defensive but the worst place to let it get the … Continue reading

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Sep. 17

Contributor Networks Amplify Thought Leadership Value

Byline articles have long served as a valuable component of PR strategies for amplifying corporate executives’ voices and sharing priority POVs on critical topics. One effective approach is establishing a regular cadence of relevant articles through prominent business publications’ contributor … Continue reading

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Jul. 21

Reporters Want a Personalized Approach: 3 Tips for Media Outreach

It’s no surprise that since the pandemic, editorial teams have continued to evolve the ways they drum up stories and connect with sources. And as their bandwidth is often at capacity, they are more focused on the timeliest and most … Continue reading

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May. 05

Young & Associates Named PR Firm Winner of Prestigious EdTech Leadership Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Young & Associates has been named the winner of the 2021 EdTech Awards “Public Relations (PR) Firm Working in EdTech” Leadership category! Hosted by EdTech Digest for the 11th year, the awards program recognizes, acknowledges … Continue reading

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Mar. 04

Surveys Move the Needle

Surveying the marketplace on important trends and drivers can be an effective strategy for keeping a pulse on your industry, demonstrating leadership and developing media relationships. Reporters are consistently interested in what the latest research can reveal about a market. Young & Associates recently helped higher … Continue reading

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Dec. 16

Returning to Gratitude: Pandemic Edition

Nine months into the pandemic, no one can ignore the ever-shifting challenges and expectations – whether you’re trying to maintain business collaborations virtually, managing a full-scale remote schooling environment or navigating family and social interactions (or perhaps all of these at once!). However, what … Continue reading

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