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Nov. 22

Remain Calm; Carry On

We’ve all been in a difficult business meeting, conference call or other workplace situations where tough questions catch us off-guard (if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky). It’s easy to become defensive but the worst place to let it get the … Continue reading

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Sep. 17

Contributor Networks Amplify Thought Leadership Value

Byline articles have long served as a valuable component of PR strategies for amplifying corporate executives’ voices and sharing priority POVs on critical topics. One effective approach is establishing a regular cadence of relevant articles through prominent business publications’ contributor … Continue reading

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Mar. 04

Surveys Move the Needle

Surveying the marketplace on important trends and drivers can be an effective strategy for keeping a pulse on your industry, demonstrating leadership and developing media relationships. Reporters are consistently interested in what the latest research can reveal about a market. Young & Associates recently helped higher … Continue reading

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Aug. 31

The Positive Side of COVID-19

It’s been an incredibly busy past few months as we onboarded three new clients and managed the launch of several major client initiatives. In the not so subtle background loomed everything and anything related to COVID-19.  Bored kids lurk just around the corner, Zoom calls … Continue reading

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May. 04

Communications: Remaining Nimble Amidst COVID-19

With the realization that work and life will be very different for the foreseeable future during the COVID-19 outbreak, most B2B companies are tackling challenges on how to effectively communicate both internally and externally.  The marketing and communications team, which is … Continue reading

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Feb. 20

When Brand Storytelling Becomes Word Salad

Today’s marketers and communications professionals have been told countless times that they need to create a personally-connected narrative that bridges the company with its buyers. Coined “brand storytelling” in the early 2010s, the phrase and resulting approach has taken on … Continue reading

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Jan. 16

Customers, Customers Everywhere

Building a Customer Advocacy Program The push and pull of when, where and how to tap into the power of customers for marketing and sales purposes is always a balancing act. Customers who are happy to sing your praises are … Continue reading

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Sep. 19

Content Marketing Ain’t Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is one of the oldest – and most effective – practices in the books for PR and marketing programs but in recent years it seems to be wrapped in with the latest content marketing fad. “We need more … Continue reading

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Jul. 01

Y&A Spark: Investment PR Tips, Analyst Relations Fundamentals & Client Awards

Read our latest Spark newsletter for investment PR tips, analyst relations fundamentals, and when it makes sense to “pay to play” in PR.

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Apr. 15

4 Keys to Successful Award Programs

Awards programs offer growing and established companies additional credibility among employees, clients, prospects and thought leaders. No matter your size or industry, there is likely an award your company is eligible to submit for. But not all awards programs are the same. … Continue reading

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