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Dec. 08

Rock the Media Interview

So, you’ve spent the last month crafting and pitching a storyline to the “holy grail” reporter. And after several conversations, they finally agreed to a call with the CEO. However, despite your insistence that some preparation work be done, the senior exec … Continue reading

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Sep. 18

Is Your PR Program Flatlining?

As many established PR professionals adhere to proven strategies and tactics for executing successful long-term PR initiatives, how can you tell if your program includes the best approach? And how do you know that your key messages are reaching the … Continue reading

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Mar. 20

A Tribute to Jean Young

In January, we received heartbreaking news that Jean Young, founder of Young & Associates, had passed away unexpectedly. A cherished friend and mentor, we considered Jean family for her unwavering strength and love, fierce loyalty, toughness, support and a little … Continue reading

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Feb. 17

Does Your Corporate Identity Need a Refresher?

As most industries evolve over the year – particularly in certain sectors of technology – and customers’ needs change, revisiting your overall corporate positioning and messaging is a smart strategy. While some executives may downplay the need for this exercise, … Continue reading

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Nov. 16

2017 PR Planning: Don’t Overlook the Here and Now

It’s hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving, which means 2017 planning in underway. While mapping out key initiatives for the coming year is important, don’t discount the power of Q4 media relations campaigns. Following are two ideas for maximizing … Continue reading

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Aug. 11

Content Marketing Run Amuck?

Nearly every corner of the Internet today offers self-publishing platforms that give mere mortals instantaneous thought leadership status, or so they think. The opportunity to publish content and the ever-increasing consumption of content has reached a crescendo — according to … Continue reading

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May. 18

Shaking Up Your PR Program

We’ve all been there – your PR program starts to feel like Groundhog Day with the same press releases, pitch angles and bylines year after year. And while publications may still be receptive to your news and ideas, you are likely stuck … Continue reading

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Feb. 05

Chipotle’s PR Salsa

In just a few short days, Chipotle will close its doors for a day in hopes of quelling fears by consumers that its food isn’t safe and most importantly regain lost revenue – dropped nearly 7 percent in Q1 2016 … Continue reading

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Nov. 17

The Value of Vertical Industry Press

Companies often strive for media placements in premier national and industry trade publications, but what about vertical market coverage? Widening your media outreach to include key verticals can showcase specific, in-depth expertise and how your organization differentiates itself in select markets. However, … Continue reading

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Sep. 11

Where’s All The News?

It always amazes me when I go to an organization’s website and discover they don’t have a corporate newsroom when clearly they have retained a firm and are getting ink. From time to time, we’ve even heard a variety of … Continue reading

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