What Does the Media Want Now?

With the news cycle dominated by the pandemic, the election and racial injustice, it can be difficult to discern what is of interest to journalists on any given day. This includes national, local, business, technology and various trade media. Additionally, many reporters are still operating remotely and may have limited availability.

Here are some tips for staying connected, relevant and in sync with rapidly evolving reporter needs.

Study Coverage Trends 

Keep a pulse on the fast-moving coverage patterns for target journalists and outlets to get a sense of where their focus is trending. This will help inform timely pitch angles that hook effectively into recent news or support upcoming ideas that address forthcoming marketplace needs.

Offer Customer Examples

To support new or innovative points of view from company executives, provide examples of customers that reflect these viewpoints and illustrate the real-world application of concepts. This is particularly helpful if the example is recent and relatable as it will help encourage reporters to include your company in addition to your customer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Forecast 

With a level of uncertainty permeating most industries, many journalists are interested in future-looking trends that could signal the next direction or opportunity. It’s a great time to offer market leadership perspectives about what’s to come or how current trends could shift in the next 3-6 months.

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