The Positive Side of COVID-19

It’s been an incredibly busy past few months as we onboarded three new clients and managed the launch of several major client initiatives. In the not so subtle background loomed everything and anything related to COVID-19. 

Bored kids lurk just around the corner, Zoom calls dominate our workday and an always-present feeling of anxiousness exists that questions if we are doing enough and doing it right for all the demands in our lives right now. 

And yet, as PR pros we push and pull trying to navigate these unchartered waters and help our clients appropriately fit into current conversations. But in it all, we have established stronger bonds with our clients — shifting what was once just conference calls to Zoom meetings and talking more about the importance of life and personal strife. The same rings true for connections with journalists, whom we’ve always maintained a strong business relationship with but now have had the opportunity to connect with on a deeper level thanks to many of thesame challenges and journeys.

The COVID-19 twists and turns are far from over but finding the hidden gems, particularly when divisiveness seems to prevail, can be a guiding light in these stressful times.

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