Content Relevance is King

With today’s news cycle changing – often dramatically – by the hour, organizations are trying their best to keep up by developing meaningful content that can be published before it gets stale. While it was common to promote both evergreen and timely topics prior to the pandemic, this strategy requires a pivot as “relevance” is paramount to getting seen these days. 

What does this mean? If your content doesn’t have a COVID-19 angle, it is certainly still valuable, however you may need to reframe it to fit the context of how business is now being conducted and the current customer experience. Here are a few quick tips for keeping your PR and marketing content relevant and not tone-deaf.

  • Offer Current Customer Success Stories – While a client did wonders with your solution before March, both the media and your prospective customers may not relate as closely to those experiences based on new operational demands. Demonstrate your company’s agility and commitment to customer service by showcasing stories that involve resilience during the pandemic – including continued delivery of top-notch products and services that help customers stabilize and improve their businesses.

  • Evolve Product Use Cases – The most successful companies are open to continuous reinvention. They recognize that things are always shifting no matter the drivers and that they must keep a pulse on changing demands and pain points. Use this time to understand new or expanded use cases and get current customers onboard to promote your offering’s value. Media and prospects will appreciate knowing how your solution meets today’s unfolding market demands as well as anticipates needs on the horizon.

  • Don’t Let Thought Leadership Lapse – Proactive communication around industry advice and points of view are more important than ever as customers and prospects look to industry leaders for reassurance and market stability. Thoughtful commentary that speaks to the latest challenges and opportunities demonstrates a thought leader’s depth of understanding and fosters confidence in their ability to help lead the market through them.

Keeping content fresh and reflective of what’s happening now goes a long way toward building and maintaining a company’s reputation for both media opportunities and marketing campaigns. Build on existing successes and don’t be afraid to offer new takes to drive momentum.

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