Returning to Gratitude: Pandemic Edition

Nine months into the pandemic, no one can ignore the ever-shifting challenges and expectations – whether you’re trying to maintain business collaborations virtually, managing a full-scale remote schooling environment or navigating family and social interactions (or perhaps all of these at once!). However, what we can do is remember to also acknowledge thegood stuff happening around us.

These days things often look and feel different than what we “normally” would experience outside of a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that the value of our experiences, work and connections are diminished. We may be glued to the Zoom screen instead of meeting face to face, but we can still share great ideas, improve target outcomes and develop strong relationships.

This year, I’m especially grateful for the people who I love and care for – family, friends and colleagues – as well as the communities surrounding all of us virtually. I hope you will join me in returning to gratitude this season – I’m counting on it to help us maintain a sense of collective support and resilience. 

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