Planning for the Unknown

In 2020, any PR plan we had developed quickly went out the window in March as the world had to turn on a dime to adjust for quarantines, working from home, kids’ virtual learning and an endless amount of Zoom calls. While we wish there was a crystal ball for 2021 there are many unknowns. Here are three takeaways from 2020 that will help use sur-thrive:

1) Lean into Research

As highlighted in the PR Pulse, surveys and collective user platform data can reveal unique industry insights that help the media report on a marketplace. Look for ways to tell a story with your data.

2) Talk to Your Clients and Tell Their Stories 

Typical case studies with KPI and ROI metrics can be a hard sell – especially with big brands. Collaborate with your clients and ask for permission to tell a joint story – via a byline or media Q&A that is based on qualitative insights and experiences.

3) Establish a Point of View

While there are opportunities to offer best practices or how-to articles, real thought leadership comes from a point of view. Even better if you can articulate and support a contrarian viewpoint.

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