New year, new event season. Plan ahead.

As we turn the calendars from pumpkin spice to eggnog season, marketers are planning for 2024. And with that comes the rush of industry events in Q1. Now is a good time to revisit media opportunities at conferences and put some critical dates on your calendar. Trade shows are a great opportunity to connect with the media face to face. This helps with relationship building as well as priming the pump for upcoming trend and news-based media coverage.

To help ensure you can find a few valuable media contacts to connect with, remember these tips.

1) If you are exhibiting or sponsoring, request a media list to see which reporters and editors have committed to attending.

2) Reach out to a few priority media contacts at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the event to get on their calendars – their schedules fill up fast.

3) Have 2-3 trends, client use cases and/or product announcements (and marketplace value) ready to share.

4) Make sure to ask what they are interested in and covering.

5) Don’t forget to connect on a personal level as well as that will make a lasting impression from the many other meetings they have.

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