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Jan. 30

All We Want Is The Wall Street Journal

I’m sure every PR professional has shuddered a little at the phrase from a client, “We’re really just interested in getting into The Wall Street Journal (or other fill-in-the blank high profile publication).” And while with the right strategy, news … Continue reading

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Oct. 19

We Are on a Roll

This past quarter has been an amazing period for Y&A and we couldn’t be prouder of our growing organization. Much to our delight (and a little bit of hard work) we also earned Bulldog Reporter’s 2012 Stars of PR silver … Continue reading

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Aug. 01

On Location – Y&A’s Annual Planning Retreat

Last week, the team enjoyed some much needed time together to reconnect, review and re-energize in St. Michaels, Md. Yes, we did partake in some beautiful views, gardens, gourmet food and even a mini-massage and caught up on our personal … Continue reading

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Jun. 15

Tactically Speaking, Who Should “Own” Social Media?

As more and more social media channels pop up among an overwhelming, dizzying array of networks to manage, e.g., Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, the big debate on who should control social media within an organization is igniting. Many of my PR … Continue reading

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Apr. 24

Keyword Crazy

Over the last six months, on behalf of clients, I have participated in numerous meetings with SEO firms on improving online rankings, increasing web site traffic, etc. No doubt many are masterful and have proven track records at their trade. … Continue reading

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Mar. 09

Should We Give Journalists a Break?

We frequently seem to serve as the mediator between our clients and the media — specifically, circling back with a reporter or contacting an editor to make corrections to a story. This issue came under a microscope this past month … Continue reading

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Feb. 10

PR Spinners: Fact or Fiction?

PR professionals get blamed for a lot (and some is likely deserved). But a main and often loud complaint is that PR people spin tall tales that are completely devoid of facts. Based on years working alongside both internal corporate … Continue reading

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Dec. 16

What a Year!

First, let me start out by congratulating our client Emptoris – acquired by IBM yesterday. Fantastic news. This by the way, marks the 5th client acquisition in a year for Y&A. It has been an amazing year for the agency … Continue reading

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Oct. 28

Three Cheers for the Y&A Staff

Admittedly, this is a self-promotional blog post. But I need to give a big shout-out to our tremendous Y&A team. The year has been filled with major client wins, client successes and yes, some disappointments. Meggan Manson (a methodical strategist … Continue reading

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Sep. 09

Who’s the Perfect Client?

Today, Young & Associates enjoys a diversified mix of clients – some are fast growing, others well established and known in their space, and others are trying to get there (aka tech start-ups). Over the years, we have experienced a … Continue reading

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