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Jul. 09

Please and Thank You Go A Long Way

After returning from maternity leave, I was immediately presented with a clear case of poor email etiquette. Astonished at the lack of professionalism, I began thinking about communication ethics in our now 24/7 crazy work and personal lives, particularly with … Continue reading

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Jan. 28

When Image and Messaging Really Matter

As the “Deflate-Gate” saga rages on and nearly half of Americans think the Patriots are culpable of the wrongdoing, the bigger issue called into question is image and messaging. From a public relations standpoint, rather than a legal or moral … Continue reading

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Nov. 18

Clients to Be Thankful For

As we near the the season to reflect on what we are truly grateful for, in my professional life, I am very thankful for the outstanding clients the agency has represented over the years. These are not just our customers … Continue reading

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Aug. 07

The PR Pay-for-Play vs Retainer Model

Over the years, we’ve received questions from potential clients about our business model and the value of a retainer relationship – often coming from companies with either limited dealings or previous negative experiences with PR agencies. Recently though, these questions … Continue reading

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Apr. 01

It’s Official – PR is Dead

Yes, it’s sad but true. Public relations is a dying industry so PR pros and the powers that be have decided to pack it in. Here are the top five reasons:  1) Awesome Content Everywhere – So much of the corporate-produced … Continue reading

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Jan. 16

Is Your Company A Good Fit for PR

Several times a year, we see a burst of new business inquires coming from satisfied client referrals and/or our industry reputation and experience. While part of the discussion certainly involves our sharing of how we work and what sets us … Continue reading

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Oct. 18

What Is Our Involvement in PR?

Whether dipping their pinky toe into the PR waters or having never worked with an agency, many organizations–including marketing and senior execs–don’t have a strong understanding of their involvement in or commitment to a strong public relations program. Some have … Continue reading

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Jul. 19

Does Size Really Matter?

In a recent introductory conversation with a new business prospect, the senior executive expressed concern with the effectiveness of an agency that has less than 10 employees. This is certainly not the first time we have heard this concern and … Continue reading

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Jun. 04

The Downside of Cheeky Videos – Besides a Good Laugh

Over the past few months, national household retailers typically known for their buttoned-up marketing and branding styles, have unleashed off-color viral commercials on YouTube to reclaim lost sales, lost customers and/or launch new products. Take Kmart’s recent and, dare I … Continue reading

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Mar. 27

Is An Agency’s Media Network Paramount to Client Media Success?

This seems like a fairly straightforward question and one we hear from potential clients all the time. And it should be a fairly straightforward answer, particularly if you are an accomplished PR practitioner, right? Not always. Since the beginning of … Continue reading

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