Friend or Foe: ChatGPT and PR

There’s been a lot of hand wringing since the launch of ChatGPT/AI-authoring tools for PR and marketing pros. Fear quickly bubbled to the surface that entire professions would be eliminated or at the very last downsized. Even some of our own clients have suggested “just plug it into ChatGPT.” Well, thank heavens it isn’t that simple. And no one’s work should sound like a high-schooler’s essay.

But ChatGPT isn’t all bad, and for the savvy, smart PR and marketing pros, it can be used for good. 

Inspiration Vehicle: We all get stuck from time-to-time and ChatGPT can often be a good creativity or inspiration booster giving content strategists and writers a thread to pull on. 

Research Assistant: Working for an agency, we are exposed to new markets and technology solutions almost weekly. ChatGPT is a great resource to grasp the basics, just be careful you also use other resources as well. 

Pitch Support: Media database tools have improved greatly but incorporating ChatGPT and Bing into those efforts has yielded new reporters to connect with 

AI is evolving at a lightning speed pace but embracing the technology to support your PR and content efforts can be a helpful productivity boost while also recognizing there are both nuanced limitations and ethical concerns. 

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