Avoiding a Brand Identity Crisis

As tech business and consumer buying patterns shift based on market trends, new innovations, and general fluctuations, it can be easy to fall into the trap of shifting the core identity messaging to capitalize on those patterns.

Often sales leaders rely on marketing and PR to lead that charge with new announcements directed at reaching buyers with a new flashy solution. This may seem like a great idea to reach a captivated audience in the short term, but long-term, making repeated changes to the core company identity and offerings, e.g, who you are, can be detrimental, leading confused buyers, investors, media, analysts, and partners to question the stability of the organization and its leadership. 

Trying too hard to be the next big thing in an often-crowded market is certainly appealing but taking stock in the very reasons your current customers have stuck with you, and why new customers have joined the ranks, is critical before making any sweeping changes. Certainly, companies can and should innovate in order to flourish in a hyper-competitive landscape but taking time to determine market positioning and involving key executive stakeholders will avoid possible impulsive moves.

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