Q4 PR Race to the Finish

calendar imageWith 2018 planning becoming an immediate priority, it’s hard not to look ahead. But don’t say goodbye to 2017 just yet —there’s still a lucrative PR  window between now and the end of the year. During this time, reporters tend to focus on year-end industry wrap-ups, forward-looking trends to expect in the coming year, and seasonal-driven content and commentary.

With the right timing, content and approach, marketing and PR teams can help bring companies an end-of-year visibility and reputation boost. Here are some best practice tips for generating results.

— Compile + Analyze Customer Trends: Poll executives and customer-facing professionals alike regarding the top 3-5 trends and pain points among your company’s customer base. Ask in-depth questions and analyze the reasons for the resulting outcomes. This type of real-world content is valuable to journalists and can help establish company executives as trusted industry resources.

— Offer Real Statistics: If possible, survey customers directly for their input on major issues that impact their business. Keep the survey short but include hard-hitting questions about current and future innovations, anticipated hurdles to adoption, and perceived maturity levels regarding key trends. Package the results thoughtfully and you’ll be sitting on media content gold.

— Push Counter-Trend Viewpoints: While trends may be widely accepted as headed in one direction, consider giving counter-trend perspectives where appropriate. Having thoughtful analysis that represents a different viewpoint on common trends – backed up with real-world examples – will help set your executives apart for media opportunities.

With these strategies in place, marketing and PR teams can leverage the last bit of 2017 runway left by engaging with priority media and ensuring that their thought leaders have a strong, relevant voice in resulting coverage.

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