A Tribute to Jean Young

In January, we received heartbreaking news that Jean Young, founder of Young & Associates, had passed away unexpectedly. A cherished friend and mentor, we considered Jean family for her unwavering strength and love, fierce loyalty, toughness, support and a little bit of crazy. Jean was a guiding force in so many lives – both personal and professional. She helped many find, nurture and promote their talents, and most of all, love what they do.

A single mother of two sons, Jean came to Washington, DC in the late 70’Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.39.36 AMs after working as the American Lung Association’s Public Relations Manager, to serve as Senior VP for John Adams Associates, a public affairs firm. After nearly five years at the firm, Jean left to establish Young & Associates in 1982, with the love and blessing of John Adams.

Forming Young & Associates as a technology-focused agency from the start, Jean was a trailblazer, serving as a female CEO in a male-dominated industry. Jean was not afraid to voice her strong opinions or take on a leader’s point of view when she knew her strategy was right. Throughout the nearly 30 years she led and was involved in the agency, Jean touched so many lives and remained close to countless former employees, clients and friends of the agency.

A ferocious protector, Jean had a heart of gold and for most of us that were lucky enough to know her, there will never be anyone like her again. Love you forever, Jean.

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