When There’s A Lull: Getting Media Traction During Slow News Times

It can be challenging to keep key media engaged if your organization struggles to generate a steady pipeline of newsworthy announcements. However, there are ways to keep the momentum going. With the right mix of relevant touchpoints and topic strategies, companies can keep the media fires stoked even in slow news times. Here are some key tips:

1) Offer Contrarian Comments

If you have a new slant on a stale topic, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Offer your take, but be sure to back it up with solid points and examples.

2) Cover Conference Topics

If you’re attending an industry conference, proactively offer viewpoints to on-site journalists that relate to key presentation topics. This raises your chances of being included in a story that is likely already planned based on the conference agenda.

3) Showcase Best Practices with Client Stories

Even if there’s no news-driven activity within your organization, media are always interested in client examples. Take the opportunity to showcase a client success story (with the client’s permission, of course) that demonstrates your organization’s best practice approaches.

*This post originally appeared in the February issue of The Spark newsletter.

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