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Feb. 03

Extra, Extra…Read All About It

Although as Meggan put it in her last post – we are fashionably late to the blog party – we have been hard at work for the past three years developing and distributing an opinionated bi-monthly newsletter, peppered with some rah rah about us including client successes. But with each new iteration, we also strive to educate our growing number of readers on the challenges and of course best practices of PR, marketing and sometimes just good old-fashioned business sense.

Some of the highlights of the current issue include taking another look at a speakers program and the challenges today of stiffer competition at industry conferences with everyone fighting for a spot at the presentation podium (or table). Jennifer Mirabile authored this edition of the My Two Cents column highlighting the debate of sharing too much strategic, or for that matter any, business information in online forums. It’s a good read. We also share our strategies on using Multimedia News Releases more effectively. Take a look and give us your feedback. If you are not on the subscriber list but wish to be, let us know and of course you can read the full edition here that just came out today.

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Feb. 01

Fashionably Late

Finally! Young & Associates has its own blog. Welcome to The Matchbox. We are very excited to have a new channel to share with readers an inside view of how we work and think. Our goal is to offer our PR and marketing insights, best practices and challenges, with a conversational style that helps everyone get to know us better and hopefully offers some valuable tips along the way. The whole gang will be contributing – both Jennifers (MacLeid Qotb and Mirabile), Eve, Jean and me – and we invite you to comment and share as well. We don’t expect everyone to always agree and hope for some lively discussions.

In arriving late to the blog party (can we even call it fashionably late at this point?), we’d like to offer a few insights we’ve dealt with along the way:

Don’t over think it: A blog is not meant to be the be all and end all on any topic. Use blog posts as conversation starters.

Don’t be everything to everyone: Our expertise is our PR and marketing counsel and that is what we intend to focus on, so while you will probably hear about some of our client pursuits this will not be a client industry forum and will not be a breaking news source.

Do be yourself: Young & Associates is a tenacious and aggressive agency with real insight to real business issues – this is what we plan to share.

Do plan: While a blog should offer timely insight, have some back up or planned editorial content to fill in the holes when life – or work in our case – gets too busy.

Talk again soon.

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