What Does the Future Hold for PR?

The flying car unveiled at the New York Auto Show and Google’s project glass topped headlines last week, making me think are we that far off from a Jetsons-like era and more importantly what is next for PR?  In 10 years, will the press release still exist?  Will Twitter or another social site be the preferred method for distributing news to reporters?  Will mobile devices be our primary (or only) tool for consuming news? I don’t know for sure, but I guarantee there will still be a need for public relations practitioners.

The value a good firm provides its clients goes far beyond distributing news releases.  It begins with strategic communications counsel, thoughtful planning and insight and reaching goals that align with the organization’s overarching business objectives.  The tools used – a press release, blog post, social media channel – are less important.  It is the skill and thought process behind the tactics and the savvy professional or firm that really makes PR invaluable.  Those in PR have an uncanny ability to look at a company as a whole (its products, offerings, brand awareness) and quickly assess its ability to effectively communicate with customers, partners, investors, media, etc.  This is not always easy to assign to a marketing department or other team within an organization.

Plus, PR pros are known for multi-tasking, meaning we are most likely to succeed at navigating our flying car while communicating with clients through our Google glasses.

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