Boil Down Your Elevator Pitch

I took a trip to DC this past weekend, which involved multiple airline flights and conversations with my fellow travelers. Inevitably our discussions turned to our types of work. What I found interesting was that many of the so-called elevator pitches I heard were vague and jargon-filled. I had to ask additional questions to clarify. Today’s company descriptors must be understandable and relatable on the first pass. Otherwise, companies may miss out as potential buyers move on to a company they understand.

Basic company descriptors serve as the messaging foundation for all other corporate materials and communications vehicles, so taking the time to get them into shape is critical. Following are three tips for a great elevator pitch:

1)   Keep it concise – You may be tempted to describe every aspect of your business in great detail, but putting a carrot out first enables prospects to develop the level of interest needed to focus and absorb those additional details later—and to ask questions about particular areas of interest.

2)   Cut out the jargon – Don’t assume that everyone knows all the acronyms and industry terms. Use simple terms so the crux of your business comes through clearly.

3)   Include the main differentiators – Go beyond stating your company’s industry and explain what you bring to the table. Why do customers choose you over competitors?

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