Keyword Crazy

Over the last six months, on behalf of clients, I have participated in numerous meetings with SEO firms on improving online rankings, increasing web site traffic, etc. No doubt many are masterful and have proven track records at their trade. But, much to my chagrin, many also talk about SEO press releases. I am not opposed to an SEO strategy that incorporates keywords into press releases. Certainly any savvy PR pro knows that keywords and SEO hyperlinks are an important element of a well-crafted press release campaign. But, for the SEO professionals presenting, the purpose of the press release was not to convey an important corporate message but rather to push out the organization’s top 20 keywords.

In several examples presented, I was shocked to see that the headline and first paragraph or lead repeated the same phrase six separate times, resulting in utter nonsense. As a journalism school graduate, I am dismayed when I see organizations distribute keyword laden messaging and pass it off as a press release. Ultimately, you are damaging your credibility as an innovative thought leader and maddening the folks that can help you push out your message – the media.

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