New Social-PR Tools Storify & Newsle

New social media resources are a dime a dozen for PR professionals and it can be a challenge to find the ones that will help bolster your PR programs and social media initiatives. Storify and Newsle are two sites that have emerged over the last few weeks as resources that can help strengthen your communication tactics.

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Storify lets users curate news articles, social media posts and visual content to create a “social” view of a topic and then embed that stream into a blog or website. The tool offers users another way to create a narrative using content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and more with an easy-to-use click and drag button. This is an excellent resource for weaving social content together to tell a story from many viewpoints. As one example, use Storify to recap an industry event for a blog post.  Here is a look at our story regarding BIA/Kelsey’s recent Mobile Local Media Conference.

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We discovered Newsle after a tip from Sarah Evans. Newsle finds articles about your LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends or other public figures and sends you instant alerts by email. Sign up for Newsle and connect your LinkedIn or Facebook account to begin tracking news. After reading an article, you can send friends a tweet or Facebook message about the item directly through the Newsle dashboard. Also, follow journalists to receive articles they’ve written and uncover articles that mention or quote key spokespeople within your organization or client company.

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