Statistics are a Goldmine News Hook

No matter the industry, statistics-related news items grab media attention. And, as fresh stats indicate the evolution and forward-looking trends of a given marketplace, they can be the perfect PR opportunity for companies to rise to the top of the media pipeline.

Releasing stats directly from your organization’s research or a commissioned study is ideal, but don’t discount the opportunity to comment on other organization’s stats and what they mean to your industry’s growth, how customers will be impacted, and if appropriate, recommended advice on how they should respond favorably. These types of insights will help forge your company spokespersons as thought leaders on the greater marketplace and its future.

A few pieces of advice:

Weigh In on Questions Beforehand: If you’ll have input into a research study before it kicks off, ensure that at least a handful of questions speak to hot issues that will yield poignant marketplace findings. Try to insert some angles that haven’t been reported on yet.

Provide an Infographic: Develop an eye-catching infographic that brings your key stats to life. Reporters are often more likely to cover research if clear, attractive visuals are available to accompany the story.

Contact Reporters ASAP: Once a study is complete, conduct media outreach as soon as possible to avoid stale data. Or, if commenting on another organization’s research, develop and push out your analysis points right away to be considered as a resource when reporters are in the midst of developing their stories.

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