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Oct. 17

Getting More Mileage Out of Content

Content is one of the most valuable parts of a PR program as it supports an organization’s purposeful narrative and conveys important news and insights.

Companies can extend the value of content by repurposing it across multiple platforms – such as leveraging press release content for blog posts or highlighting varied byline article angles in different social posts.

This practice is useful not only for reducing the time and effort needed to create new content but bolstering press coverage and thought leadership.

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most mileage out of PR content:

1) Adapt Content for Appropriate Platforms

Consider the intent of each piece and how the target audience may use it. As an example, when repurposing an important press release for a blog post, edit so it appears less like a news story or trim the length as blogs tend to be more short-form.

2) Avoid Repetition 

While repurposing content across platforms means some repetition, it’s important to differentiate. For example, if the past few blog posts featured on a website have been webinar recaps, brainstorm new content approaches such as an executive Q&A on a critical industry issue.

3) Add Something New 

New insights can come out of repurposed content, and it’s important to showcase these fresh insights across platforms. Sharing new perspectives or data about previously published content demonstrates that the company is dialed into industry trends and offers in-depth, evolving commentary on the most pressing issues.

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Sep. 17

Contributor Networks Amplify Thought Leadership Value

Byline articles have long served as a valuable component of PR strategies for amplifying corporate executives’ voices and sharing priority POVs on critical topics. One effective approach is establishing a regular cadence of relevant articles through prominent business publications’ contributor networks.

These communities of vetted executives – ranging from Forbes to EntrepreneurIDGInc., and others – offer a valuable forum for sharing ideas and guidance with a qualified business audience. Young & Associates has facilitated many of these opportunities for clients, resulting in elevated visibility and thought leadership for CEOs and other executive leaders.

Sample Articles:

– Forbes: How the Education Industry Can Make Global Experiences Accessible to Students

– Entrepreneur: Is Remote Working Sustainable for Your Organization?

– Forbes: New Data Era in Higher Ed

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Aug. 26

Top 3 Things I’ve Learned About PR As An Intern

As the summer winds down, I have been reflecting on the rewarding experiences gained working at my first internship in Public Relations at Young & Associates. PR is intriguing because it is an intersection of many of my areas of interest including human connection and writing. With this internship being so hands-on, I’ve gained crucial knowledge working directly with our clients on social media campaigns, thought leadership, media relations and more. Here are three of the most important things I’ve learned about PR:

Relationships are Key 

To establish confidence between a client and their agency it is critical to build strong relationships from the beginning. Developing these relationships requires a solid rapport combined with a well grounded understanding of the client’s mission. These relationships are maintained by going beyond what is required in a typical campaign such as anticipating needs and suggesting creative and results-driven ways to meet them. In addition, establishing a continued connection with relevant industry journalists will ensure the best possible chance of getting coverage for your clients.

Adaptability is Crucial

The only thing constant about working in PR is that things are always changing. Whether it be changes in messaging, adapting to a client’s roadmap schedules or inevitable crises, my experience so far has taught me the importance of adaptability in day-to-day tasks and priorities.  An important part of adaptability is being present for your clients and colleagues when extra help is needed. The ability to switch from task to task is imperative as different needs will emerge from all areas.

Collaboration Yields the Best Results

With so many moving pieces in a PR campaign, it’s easy for things to get overwhelming for both client and agency. Whether it be social posts, press releases, or byline articles, there shouldn’t be one piece of a campaign that is viewed by only one person. Each person working on a campaign, whether that be the client themselves, a seasoned PR pro or, even an intern such as  myself, has a unique perspective they can use to make the best possible final product. 

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Jul. 21

Reporters Want a Personalized Approach: 3 Tips for Media Outreach

It’s no surprise that since the pandemic, editorial teams have continued to evolve the ways they drum up stories and connect with sources. And as their bandwidth is often at capacity, they are more focused on the timeliest and most relevant pitch ideas for their coverage areas.

Here are some helpful tips for breaking through the noise and fostering successful media relations.

1) Offer New Takes on Trends â€“ Before offering a pitch idea, ensure that the angle is novel or reveals something new about a particular trend. Review the particular reporter’s recent coverage and acknowledge how your organization’s proposed idea helps further the industry narrative. If possible, offer customers that can speak to the issue from a recent, real-world perspective.

2) Avoid Blanket Pitching â€“ While it may seem easier to send the same exact story idea to a long list of publications (and many reporters at each outlet), this is often a mistake unless the news is truly relevant to all of them. A more tailored, thoughtful pitch approach to publications where there is strong topical alignment is most appreciated by reporters.

3) Expand into New Publications â€“ In today’s digital age, industries often intersect in new ways that extend the value of content into different markets. For example, more business and technology focused publications are covering relevant news about particular industries. Take this opportunity to expand the reach of your media relations program and take a chance on exploring new outlets.

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Jun. 14

The Last Mile in PR

Some of Young & Associates’ greatest strengths mirror the biggest tenets we push in PR – tenacity, fortitude and agility. And strong stomachs as rejection is always a possibility. Part journalist and part sales, we help our clients secure positive media coverage by shaping relevant, timely and unique stories. For the celebrated yes’s, when we connect our clients with their priority media targets, that is just half the battle. Next comes facilitating a productive interview where the journalist connects with our client’s story. And then, the last mile – coverage.

What often gets lost is that no one beyond the publication can actually control the last mile of earned media. While we can connect our clients with the right journalists and make sure they are prepped with the right messages, at the end of the day the journalist and their editors pull the strings at the finish line.

With this in mind, we employ agile PR practices for every media opportunity to navigate the natural ebbs and flows. This helps us determine what’s newsworthy and trending and enables us to pivot quickly on angles and examples. But the real strength of our PR programs – and the reason most of our clients are long-haulers – is due to our senior team’s strategic and results-based approach as we lead up to the moment of anxiously awaiting the last mile.

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May. 05

Young & Associates Named PR Firm Winner of Prestigious EdTech Leadership Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Young & Associates has been named the winner of the 2021 EdTech Awards “Public Relations (PR) Firm Working in EdTech” Leadership category! Hosted by EdTech Digest for the 11th year, the awards program recognizes, acknowledges and celebrates the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology. 

Young & Associates is proud to have represented many edtech organizations over the years, delivering full scale, award-winning media relations and thought leadership programs. Nearly half of our current clients are edtech-focused, including Anthology, Terra Dotta, CollegeSource and Rah Rah. Former ed tech clients range from Datatel/Sungard Higher Education (now Ellucian), Panopto and Chalk & Wire (acquired by Campus Labs; now part of Anthology) to Interfolio, Softdocs SchoolDude (now Dude Solutions) and more. These client programs include a strategic combination of media interviews, press releases, byline articles, blogs, awards, analyst relations, research, social media, etc.

Many thanks to our clients (past and present) and friends for your ongoing support and partnership in helping us earn this achievement!

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Mar. 04

Surveys Move the Needle

Surveying the marketplace on important trends and drivers can be an effective strategy for keeping a pulse on your industry, demonstrating leadership and developing media relationships.

Reporters are consistently interested in what the latest research can reveal about a market. Young & Associates recently helped higher ed tech clients CollegeSource and Anthology promote new research on student enrollment, alumni giving and student transfer.

Here’s some sample coverage:

The Hechinger Report/The Washington Post – Strapped for Students, Colleges Finally Begin to Clear Transfer Logjam

The Chronicle of Philanthropy – A Quarter of Alumni Supported Their Alma Maters This Year

University Business – Why Giving Tuesday was a Smashing Success for Higher Ed

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Jan. 05

Planning for the Unknown

In 2020, any PR plan we had developed quickly went out the window in March as the world had to turn on a dime to adjust for quarantines, working from home, kids’ virtual learning and an endless amount of Zoom calls. While we wish there was a crystal ball for 2021 there are many unknowns. Here are three takeaways from 2020 that will help use sur-thrive:

1) Lean into Research

As highlighted in the PR Pulse, surveys and collective user platform data can reveal unique industry insights that help the media report on a marketplace. Look for ways to tell a story with your data.

2) Talk to Your Clients and Tell Their Stories 

Typical case studies with KPI and ROI metrics can be a hard sell – especially with big brands. Collaborate with your clients and ask for permission to tell a joint story – via a byline or media Q&A that is based on qualitative insights and experiences.

3) Establish a Point of View

While there are opportunities to offer best practices or how-to articles, real thought leadership comes from a point of view. Even better if you can articulate and support a contrarian viewpoint.

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Dec. 16

Returning to Gratitude: Pandemic Edition

Nine months into the pandemic, no one can ignore the ever-shifting challenges and expectations – whether you’re trying to maintain business collaborations virtually, managing a full-scale remote schooling environment or navigating family and social interactions (or perhaps all of these at once!). However, what we can do is remember to also acknowledge thegood stuff happening around us.

These days things often look and feel different than what we “normally” would experience outside of a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that the value of our experiences, work and connections are diminished. We may be glued to the Zoom screen instead of meeting face to face, but we can still share great ideas, improve target outcomes and develop strong relationships.

This year, I’m especially grateful for the people who I love and care for – family, friends and colleagues – as well as the communities surrounding all of us virtually. I hope you will join me in returning to gratitude this season – I’m counting on it to help us maintain a sense of collective support and resilience. 

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Nov. 11

Budget reallocation in 2021

With the close of a crazy 2020 in sight, budget season is here and more uncertain than ever. Conferences and events have taken an inordinate hit this year as business travel came to a grinding halt. With the status of 2021 conferences in limbo, marketers have an opportunity to revisit other ways to allocate some of those funds.

Here are three ways your PR team can help supplement a lighter conference budget and support the lead gen pipeline in 2021.

Content rules – Tech buyers who may normally keep a pulse on trends by attending industry events are homebound and looking for ways to keep on top of new developments. Extend your PR and content programs to include more white papers, case studies, blogs and podcasts to communicate how your industry, your clients and your platform are responding and performing amid these unprecedented times.

Research shows – Reporters are always interested in research reports, but now that we are in unknown territory, they are looking for the real impacts of the pandemic. Look for ways to leverage your anonymized platform data to illustrate trends and tell a marketplace story. The PR team should have some insight on how to utilize this data and tell a story about changes in use cases or a rise in certain features and functionality since the pandemic or other news event.

Social shares – Without the steady foot traffic from exhibit halls and conference meetings, companies must lean into social media and ensure they are active on the appropriate channels and regularly sharing content and company news. This is also a time to offer short commentary on relevant industry news. Your PR team is already monitoring the news stream and commentary in your industry. Empower them to help you be a voice in your industry.

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