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Sep. 07

A is for Apple, Back to PR 101

A chill is in the air. The one that comes with back-to-school, the start of football and a summer-to-fall closet switchover. What a perfect time to revisit some PR 101. What is PR? At its core, PR is a visibility … Continue reading

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Jul. 20

PR Measurement: Not One Size Fits All

It has been said many, many times – you can’t draw a straight line from PR to revenue. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t measure PR. Just make sure you are measuring the right elements of the program. Here are … Continue reading

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Jun. 21

The Mystery of Mommy Bloggers – PR and Advertising Blurred

In the majority of households today, moms hold the buying power. Some stats cite US moms totaling 75 million, of which 85 percent influence or make the household purchases. Combine this with the rise of the mommy blogger – expected … Continue reading

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Apr. 21

PR is stressful? It’s all relative.

Sure, work is stressful, but I wouldn’t rate a PR pro as the No. 2 most stressful job behind a commercial airline pilot—as was recently reported by CareerCast. I’m sure there are many commercial airline pilots who don’t think they … Continue reading

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Feb. 28

Handling a broadcast Skype interview? Take your set-up seriously.

Representing more B2C clients over the past year has given us valuable opportunities to reconnect with the local broadcast news media nationwide. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, local broadcast media outlets are now relying heavily on Skype, presenting … Continue reading

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Dec. 17

Remember 2010 Lessons Learned in 2011

As Christmas approaches I am feverishly trying to decide which of my two-year-old twin boys’ toys I can hide away or recycle for 2011 to help make room for the toy extravaganza next week. While there are some obvious recycle … Continue reading

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Oct. 25

Reconnecting with the D.C. Digital Crowd

Last week I attended TechMedia’s Digital East event as a client was participating in the first session. The long drive for an early morning panel battling the DC commuters wasn’t appealing, but I got there without a hitch. (Note to … Continue reading

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Aug. 27

Fall is near…Are you budget planning?

Ahh, late August. A time for backpacks, school buses and budget planning. With Q4 closing in on us, companies are swinging into full 2011 planning mode. While 2009 was a financially challenging year for many, 2010 has seen some budget … Continue reading

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Jul. 28

Have a Thick Skin

As a follow up to my recent blog post regarding byline articles, it seemed a natural extension to address comments on contributed content. Today, any professional who participates in media relations – who puts their name to a fact or … Continue reading

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