Stopping the PR Merry-Go-Round

At Young & Associates we pride ourselves on our long term and valued client relationships. Most of our new business is from referrals and while each year brings some client turnover, we always have a solid group of multi-year agency stalwarts. So it is disheartening when we hear from prospects their negative associations with PR because in trying to find the right partner they’ve worked with a merry-go-round of agencies or freelancers. While every industry has some bad seeds (PR is no exception) and client-agency rapport and work styles play a big role, many client-agency relationships fail because of a short sighted view of the impact public relations delivers.

A PR presence requires a commitment to media results, but it is more than just landing the big hit. A successful PR partnership is rooted in an understanding of the value in a strategic, ongoing and cumulative PR effort and in building relationships. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are impactful public relations programs.

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