What Is Mom’s Job?

With three little kids, I receive the most awesome handmade Mothers Day gifts – artwork and creations that I will forever cherish. This year, my sons (both 5) filled out a questionnaire about me at school. Question #3 reads, “What is Mom’s job?” One of my sons says, “to do the dishes,” and the other says, “telephoning and Interneting.” While both are very true, it brings to mind the misconceptions about a job in PR. My own mom, I think, finally understands what I do, but with terms like spin doctor, shows like Scandal (yea, I’m a fan) and the commoditization of content development, PR often gets a bad rap.

Here’s the beauty of a job in PR.
1. PR is showcasing expertise and knowledge.
2. PR is connecting journalists with valuable media resources.
3. PR is sharing the impact unique products/services can have.
4. PR is challenging the status quo.
5. PR is leveraging thought leadership across media channels.

Hope all the moms out there (in PR or not) had a relaxing, fun day hanging with those who made them a mom – the best job of all. ☺

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