Reporters Want a Personalized Approach: 3 Tips for Media Outreach

It’s no surprise that since the pandemic, editorial teams have continued to evolve the ways they drum up stories and connect with sources. And as their bandwidth is often at capacity, they are more focused on the timeliest and most relevant pitch ideas for their coverage areas.

Here are some helpful tips for breaking through the noise and fostering successful media relations.

1) Offer New Takes on Trends – Before offering a pitch idea, ensure that the angle is novel or reveals something new about a particular trend. Review the particular reporter’s recent coverage and acknowledge how your organization’s proposed idea helps further the industry narrative. If possible, offer customers that can speak to the issue from a recent, real-world perspective.

2) Avoid Blanket Pitching – While it may seem easier to send the same exact story idea to a long list of publications (and many reporters at each outlet), this is often a mistake unless the news is truly relevant to all of them. A more tailored, thoughtful pitch approach to publications where there is strong topical alignment is most appreciated by reporters.

3) Expand into New Publications – In today’s digital age, industries often intersect in new ways that extend the value of content into different markets. For example, more business and technology focused publications are covering relevant news about particular industries. Take this opportunity to expand the reach of your media relations program and take a chance on exploring new outlets.

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