The Last Mile in PR

Some of Young & Associates’ greatest strengths mirror the biggest tenets we push in PR – tenacity, fortitude and agility. And strong stomachs as rejection is always a possibility. Part journalist and part sales, we help our clients secure positive media coverage by shaping relevant, timely and unique stories. For the celebrated yes’s, when we connect our clients with their priority media targets, that is just half the battle. Next comes facilitating a productive interview where the journalist connects with our client’s story. And then, the last mile – coverage.

What often gets lost is that no one beyond the publication can actually control the last mile of earned media. While we can connect our clients with the right journalists and make sure they are prepped with the right messages, at the end of the day the journalist and their editors pull the strings at the finish line.

With this in mind, we employ agile PR practices for every media opportunity to navigate the natural ebbs and flows. This helps us determine what’s newsworthy and trending and enables us to pivot quickly on angles and examples. But the real strength of our PR programs – and the reason most of our clients are long-haulers – is due to our senior team’s strategic and results-based approach as we lead up to the moment of anxiously awaiting the last mile.

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