Top 3 Things I’ve Learned About PR As An Intern

As the summer winds down, I have been reflecting on the rewarding experiences gained working at my first internship in Public Relations at Young & Associates. PR is intriguing because it is an intersection of many of my areas of interest including human connection and writing. With this internship being so hands-on, I’ve gained crucial knowledge working directly with our clients on social media campaigns, thought leadership, media relations and more. Here are three of the most important things I’ve learned about PR:

Relationships are Key 

To establish confidence between a client and their agency it is critical to build strong relationships from the beginning. Developing these relationships requires a solid rapport combined with a well grounded understanding of the client’s mission. These relationships are maintained by going beyond what is required in a typical campaign such as anticipating needs and suggesting creative and results-driven ways to meet them. In addition, establishing a continued connection with relevant industry journalists will ensure the best possible chance of getting coverage for your clients.

Adaptability is Crucial

The only thing constant about working in PR is that things are always changing. Whether it be changes in messaging, adapting to a client’s roadmap schedules or inevitable crises, my experience so far has taught me the importance of adaptability in day-to-day tasks and priorities.  An important part of adaptability is being present for your clients and colleagues when extra help is needed. The ability to switch from task to task is imperative as different needs will emerge from all areas.

Collaboration Yields the Best Results

With so many moving pieces in a PR campaign, it’s easy for things to get overwhelming for both client and agency. Whether it be social posts, press releases, or byline articles, there shouldn’t be one piece of a campaign that is viewed by only one person. Each person working on a campaign, whether that be the client themselves, a seasoned PR pro or, even an intern such as  myself, has a unique perspective they can use to make the best possible final product. 

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