Why Long-Term PR Engagements Reap the Most Rewards

PR programs are not a short-term investment. In fact, programs that have the chance to evolve with creative ideas and strategies and a variety of tactics are the ones that most often flourish and succeed. While a short three- or six-month PR project can help determine if an agencup-1615074_1920cy is a good fit, a long-term PR engagement can generate more meaningful results and build a strong corporate profile.

Y&A has been fortunate to work with many long-time clients and, as their PR programs continue and our work relationships grow, we are able to more effectively drive increased visibility for their organizations, thought leaders and products and strengthen their overall marketing plans.

Devoting time to one campaign and then pausing PR efforts can signal a problem if customers, partners and the media notice a slowdown in corporate news and media/marketing activities. Longer engagements make it possible to work toward an organization’s strategic corporate objectives. Closer relationships between clients and journalists can also be created, which can lead to more media opportunities and a consistent pipeline of news coverage.

Companies should treat PR as a long-term investment for success. When clients become longstanding partners, an agency can provide more value to the organization’s marketing team and help support business goals and make an impact on the bottom line.

*This post originally appeared in Y&A’s Spark Newsletter.


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