2017 PR Planning: Don’t Overlook the Here and Now

TargetIt’s hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving, which means 2017 planning in underway. While mapping out key initiatives for the coming year is important, don’t discount the power of Q4 media relations campaigns.

Following are two ideas for maximizing PR impact during the last part of the calendar year.

Offer 2017 Predictions

Reporters often compile and publish industry forecasts during late Q4, calling on vendors and analysts to share their views of upcoming market trends. Proactively offer your company’s take to reporters, including counter-trend viewpoints that may pique their interest even further.

Arrange Analyst Briefings

If it’s been some time since you briefed major industry analysts, Q4 may be a good time to bring industry influencers up to speed on your company’s evolved marketplace role and competitive position. This strategy also gives you a chance to get on their radar for 2017 reports.

* A version of this post also appeared in the September 2016 issue of The Spark newsletter.

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