Press Contact a Must: “Who You Gonna Call?”

ghostbusters-1515155_640pixabayThe digital marketing evolution as well as the ease of use in sharing information via social media channels has clouded the need and relevance of the online press center, the place where reporters and others can go for a one-stop shop view of company news, facts and relevant contacts. No longer, it seems, is it deemed a ‘must have’ when there are so many other ways to share company news and facts.

However, what often gets lost when the press center goes away is the PR contact – the name, phone number and email for the person in your organization who reporters can easily reach to discuss press opportunities. Many companies today (except public companies which must disclose IR contact) no longer openly share the names of the press contact, much less their email address or direct phone number due to spam, telemarketers, etc. The problem is that this can make it hard for reporters to connect with the right company spokespersons – especially when on deadline. Unfortunately general PR email addresses and voicemail boxes get crowded quick and it is easy for timely requests to get lost or misdirected.

The role of the PR contact – or any company spokesperson – is to help ensure that correct and consistent company information is shared and so the company has a chance to decide if they want to participate in a media opportunity. Without a clear company press contact – reporters may try to get any company employee on the phone.

Do you want growth goals that were shared in a town hall meeting broadcast to a reporter? Do you want to use resources on an opportunity that may end up being pay for play? Is there an opportunity to segue a reporter inquiry into a larger story or share an upcoming development? Or, is your PR team already working on strategy for this story or news outlet? These are all good reasons to ensure you have a PR or media contact listed on your website. This should be the person responsible for the PR program or your external PR team lead – someone who knows media relations protocols, company sensitivities and facts and can and will respond to the reporter in a timely manner.

So, go now. Check your website. Has this detail been overlooked at your organization? Who are reporters gonna call now?

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