Maximizing Partnership Announcements

As partnership announcements are often a dime a dozen in journalists’ eyes, it’s important to think outside the box to maximize promotion efforts and clearly convey the unique market-facing impacts.

As the agency has promoted a number of partnerships for clients recently, we offer the following advice for extending the potential for media coverage.

  • Utilize Trade Shows – If announcing the partnership at a trade show, offering onsite reporters a dual company interview opportunity can make a huge difference in garnering interest and coverage when handled well. Be sure to have demos available on the fly, as well as key leave-behind materials.
  • Tie to a Larger Trend or Counter-Trend – Illustrating how your partnership furthers or bucks a burgeoning industry trend offers reporters a fresh news angle that goes beyond the simple partnership announcement. Your CEO’s or CMO’s commentary will be better received if the messaging ties back to real industry impacts.
  • Name Drop – Playing up big industry names will yield added credibility for your organization. Even better, if the more prominent player is wiling to participate in media interviews, setup joint interviews so reporters can hear firsthand how your organization and an industry powerhouse are taking the market by storm.


*This post originally appeared in Y&A’s Spark Newsletter

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