eBooks Are All the Rage

With the many opportunities to publish and repurpose content expanding and interest in reading lengthy white papers waning, many technology-driven companies have adopted eBooks as a way to educate BtoB consumers, generate leads and showcase thought leadership and market or product insights. The range of eBook implementation styles generally include designed PowerPoint-style pdfs or pdf brochure ware with easy-to-digest takeaways. The ideal length is 8-10 pages with a copy-light look and feel. Brevity and pithiness are key.

Marketing executives are fans but, as with most marketing activities, there is also a PR role/application. An eBook can help kick off a media pitching campaign, a press release, even a speaking opportunity. Of course it is great social content as well. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when creating eBook copy or an eBook-driven campaign.

  • Include PR in the conversation. The media relations team can provide unique insight into the industry interest of select topics and/or help develop topics that have both prospect and media relevance.
  • Don’t gate the content 100%. eBooks certainly can provide lead generation opportunities but it is important for PR to be able to offer reporters and bloggers an ungated viewing option.
  • Have a distribution strategy. PR shouldn’t be last on the list of distribution options. As with anything in marketing, an integrated plan is key for driving results. Siloed campaigns can’t reach their full potential or target extended audiences.

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