Avoiding Social Fails

Today, engaging with customers on social media is a given for most businesses. However many are finding that if a sound strategy is not in place for responding to customer complaints/inquiries or if the various channels are used carelessly, this strategy can backfire.

Recently, a number of companies have been faulted for mishandling social media.

From creating insensitive posts in an attempt to create buzz, e.g., DiGiorno Pizza’s inappropriate use of the #WhyIStayed hashtag, to deleting customer complaints like Smucker’s, it seems like there are more fails than successes. Why? Perhaps companies aren’t weaving social into their overarching PR/marketing strategy or they might be entrusting social to the wrong team or individual.

Whatever the situation, it is important for companies to reexamine their social approach and take it seriously to avoid any costly blunders. If not, these mistakes could be extremely costly, diminishing consumer trust in products and services and negatively impacting business and/or brand reputation.

*This post originally appeared in Y&A’s Spark Newsletter

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