Striking PR Gold

Any one who says there is no such thing as luck in PR, or business for that matter, hasn’t experienced success. Sure success always relies on hard work and resilience, but striking gold usually involves a small dose of luck, mostly in timing. Call it fate, kismet, destiny, or fortune, with luck on your side here are three additional PR elements that must align for success.

Strategy – No PR effort, big or small, reaches its full potential without a sound strategy. That means looking big picture at the overall objectives and project elements to determine the best approach.

Tactics – Just as strategy is a guide for the best project outcomes, getting the tactics right matters. A successful PR campaign must respect basic media relations principles – from reporter outreach and interactions to pitch and press release content and media interview best practices.

Tenacity – Even with lady luck’s blessing, dedication is essential. Sending a media pitch to targeted reporters with an advance on your news is important but more important is the effort the PR team puts into follow up with the key publications.

Whatever your PR goal is, success requires all four elements – sound strategy, effective tactics, dedication and a little bit of luck. After all, a breaking news story can trump your news any day of the week.

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