Going the Extra Mile in Media Monitoring

Helping secure media coverage isn’t a PR pros only job in the media relations journey. Knowing what the media is reporting on requires more than simply keeping an eye on byline articles and stories published. Here are several best practices to ensure your media monitoring goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Compile a Media Coverage Report

Whether it’s in the form of a weekly email or a spreadsheet maintained over time, a structured report of media coverage enables marketing and other company leaders to quickly access the information and include it in presentations to show stakeholders how the brand is being positioned externally. 

Exhaust All Search Options

Not all media coverage, good or bad, will have the company’s name in the headline or even in the first few paragraphs, so relying on one keyword or monitoring tool to catch all media coverage can cause important articles to slip through the cracks. Use multiple streams to monitor for coverage.

Stay Vigilant After Significant Events

How a company is reported in the media will vary when a major announcement, merger or crisis develops. To be prepared with effective responses, monitor the news and social media as it breaks to keep company representatives and stakeholders updated and strategically ready for possible interview requests.

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