Getting More Mileage Out of Content

Content is one of the most valuable parts of a PR program as it supports an organization’s purposeful narrative and conveys important news and insights.

Companies can extend the value of content by repurposing it across multiple platforms – such as leveraging press release content for blog posts or highlighting varied byline article angles in different social posts.

This practice is useful not only for reducing the time and effort needed to create new content but bolstering press coverage and thought leadership.

Here are some helpful tips for getting the most mileage out of PR content:

1) Adapt Content for Appropriate Platforms

Consider the intent of each piece and how the target audience may use it. As an example, when repurposing an important press release for a blog post, edit so it appears less like a news story or trim the length as blogs tend to be more short-form.

2) Avoid Repetition 

While repurposing content across platforms means some repetition, it’s important to differentiate. For example, if the past few blog posts featured on a website have been webinar recaps, brainstorm new content approaches such as an executive Q&A on a critical industry issue.

3) Add Something New 

New insights can come out of repurposed content, and it’s important to showcase these fresh insights across platforms. Sharing new perspectives or data about previously published content demonstrates that the company is dialed into industry trends and offers in-depth, evolving commentary on the most pressing issues.

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