Ten Tips for When the News Well Runs Dry

Every organization experiences a lull in corporate news. That doesn’t mean PR efforts should go dark. In fact, these quieter periods represent an excellent time to reconnect with journalists with fresh article ideas or about upcoming stories to determine if a spokesperson can be a resource.

Here are ten to-dos to help energize PR initiatives when the news well runs dry.

  1. Send quick touchwaterfall-77676_1920-base emails to close reporter contacts to determine if they need a resource based on one of your key subject areas.
  1. If a client is willing, pitch a customer case study article to a target publication. There is nothing better than a client testimonial.
  1. Try reaching that journalist you haven’t quite been able to connect with via a short introductory pitch presenting how you can work together.
  1. Use this time to develop a contributed byline article based on a strong viewpoint or industry trend.
  1. Review target journalists’ recent news stories and pitch a follow-on story if you or a client can provide further analysis or a new take.
  1. Take a look at any key organizational milestones over the last six months and develop content for a half-yearly or annual achievements press release.
  1. Review HARO newsletters closely for any potential media interview opportunities.
  1. Check editorial calendars to ensure you aren’t missing a chance to contribute to a target publication.
  1. Monitor Twitter in the event journalists are seeking content via social media.
  1. Recharge at the gym, salon or happy hour and start fresh in the morning.

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