3 Tips to Pump Up Post-Conference Buzz

With March in the rearview mirror and with it SXSW, LeadsCon and a number of other key digital marketing conferences, it is time to start prepping for the next series of trade shows (regardless of the industry, it seems conferences always come in batches). Many companies like to issue press releases pre-announcing their sponsorship or speaking role at industry events (hey, we’ve even recommended it). While beneficial for SEO and marketing purposes, it doesn’t maximize media buzz. Instead, consider ways the post-event takeaways can generate additional interest via contributed articles, a blog series and press releases that offer actionable analysis.

Here are a few best practices:

notes-macbook-study-conference-medium1) Act as a Reporter – Even if you have limited time to participate in the conference sessions, pick a few noteworthy discussions to attend. Review the common themes and trends that stand out and how your business or industry can further those trends. *Bonus: Spend five minutes with the presenter following the session for follow-up questions.

2) Chat Up the Competition – Engaging in conversations with other vendors at a show can reaffirm or conversely negate certain hypotheses you might be developing as they relate to your industry. You might even be surprised to uncover partnership opportunities for mutual industry gain.

3) Grab Some Stats – Most meaningful presentations include industry research to introduce or support a trend. Make sure to take note and credit such research in your post-event content development.

* A version of this post originally appeared in Y&A’s The Spark newsletter.

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