PR New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

As 2013 kicks off, it is important to set professional goals along with your personal resolutions. Here’s a glance at my PR resolutions for the year ahead.

Offer sound advice even if it deviates from current plans
Making clients happy by delivering strategic PR programs and overall counsel is a top priority. However, this might mean challenging existing marketing plans from time to time. As a fresh year begins, we all need to reevaluate current strategies to ensure PR programs are effective, creative and can reach their full potential.

Pick up the phone
Last year brought a high volume of email, iChat, Gchat and Twitter connections, but these exchanges cannot replace the value of phone conversations. Even a short call can quickly answer a question and avoid miscommunications. This also cuts down on the time required to write (and interpret) several emails.

Reconnect with old professional acquaintances
We all get busy but a quick LinkedIn message to say congratulations on a new job or to share a personal triumph is great for strengthening or rebuilding relationships with reporters, old colleagues or former clients.

Write more blog posts
Although this might be a carry-over resolution from last year’s list, I plan to translate more PR thoughts and lessons learned into blog posts to share with colleagues, clients and friends. Stay tuned for an exciting 2013.

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