Handling a broadcast Skype interview? Take your set-up seriously.

Representing more B2C clients over the past year has given us valuable opportunities to reconnect with the local broadcast news media nationwide. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, local broadcast media outlets are now relying heavily on Skype, presenting new opportunities for on-screen interviews without making a trip to a local station or across the country. However, these Skype interviews are a different beast with a different set of set-up and preparation challenges that should not be taken lightly. You’ll be glad you prepared before you get the interview request.

Here are a few tips for a professional and successful broadcast Skype interview:

1) Invest in a web cam to help avoid looking at your computer screen or practice your interview looking into the built-in camera lens.
2) Consider your background, angle and lighting. No one wants to see your office clutter or the kids’ toys in the background of your living room. Make sure there isn’t a direct light source behind you and the office or home setting is completely quiet.
3) Focus the camera on what you can see above a desk – a full body shot is unnecessary. Make sure to test it to get the angle right.
4) Dress the same way you would if you were headed to the broadcast studio for a sit-down interview and don’t overdo the background branding.
5) Practice your message points and do a “dry run” interview with someone over Skype. Call in with time to spare.
6) Don’t fidget. Even the highest speed Internet connection will blur your motions.

Although intended for a job interview, here is a great MarketWatch video with applicable Skype interview tips.


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