The Daily – Changing the Face of Journalism?

By now, you’ve probably read some type of review for The Daily, unless you just fell off a turnip truck. (For those who have, it’s The News Corporation’s (Rupert Murdoch) tablet-only newszine). Undoubtedly an incredible PR success for the iPad with an exclusive national news brand launch, The Daily promises to change the face of journalism.

With roughly 100 employees for 100 pages of exclusive daily content including video, amazing photography and graphic design, it’s an intriguing change from the ever-moving always-on new digital platform.

I love the touch and feel of the newspaper but sadly cancelled my daily subscription to the Cincinnati Enquirer two years ago in favor of grabbing online news on the go. But it’s a chore to comb and search online news sites to find relevant content. The Daily is a relatively cheap model that promises to be a nice hybrid approach for those who want to enjoy reading content in the digital age but don’t want it served up between bathroom breaks (or with 15 updates to a single story throughout the day).

It’s way too early to declare The Daily a winner – relatively cheap for the reader at $39.99 a year or $0.99 a week, but for national advertisers and brands, the advertising model is quite attractive. However, limited social sharing between subscribers may actually dampen overall adoption. And will people really pay for their news when so much is free? Already technical glitches are being reported so only time will tell. Have you tried it? What do you think?

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