Preparing for Podcast Interviews

Over the last few years, podcasts have exploded in popularity for both consumers and businesses. Many publications host their own podcasts, while others offer standalone programs through podcast apps. Either way, participating in podcasts can help extend a businesses’ thought leadership reach by introducing another valuable channel into their integrated marketing communications strategy. Here are three tips for achieving success with podcast interviews.

Do Your Research

Listen to sample podcast episodes and evaluate the hosts’ personalities before offering your company’s spokesperson as a proposed guest. This will help you determine the podcast’s style and the types of topics that resound most with the host.

Package Your Content

Similar to broadcast interviews, podcasts rely on the power of the sound byte. Once your interview is confirmed, request topical questions in advance to help your spokesperson prepare meaningful content that can be delivered in a distilled, conversational format.

Use a Landline

It may seem old-school, but using a landline in a quiet room and avoiding blue-tooth headsets are best practices in ensuring your spokesperson’s side of the conversation is clear and crisp during the recording. Quality matters!

This article originally appeared in an issue of The Spark newsletter.

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