Does Your Corporate Identity Need a Refresher?

As most industries evolve over the year – particularly in certain sectors of technology – and customers’ needs change, revisiting your overall corporate positioning and messaging is a Blogpicssmart strategy. While some executives may downplay the need for this exercise, overall corporate messaging can:

• Concisely articulate your company’s value propositions
• Shape and narrow core differentiators and eliminate out-of-date messaging
• Provide consistent positioning throughout company-wide communications (sales, marketing, product development, professional services)
• Highlight differentiation without slamming the competition or giving them a voice
• Enable success measurement of marketing/communication initiatives

A refresher messaging exercise should review how your brand is perceived in the market based on industry evolution, current focus, etc. Take time to interview key stakeholders within the organization for their viewpoints and to identify future marketplace trends that may shift current positioning. Also, take stock in industry analyst reports and media coverage that may forecast a change in business challenges and demands.

The messaging refresh doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. Rather, nuanced ­­­– but important ­– changes to the brand can make a huge impact in connecting with key audiences.

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