The Value of Vertical Industry Press

Companies often strive for media placements in premier national and industry trade publications, but what about vertical market coverage?

Widening your media outreach to include key verticals can showcase specific, in-depth expertise and how your organization differentiates itself in select markets.

However, approaching vertical press often requires a different approach to grab journalists’ attention and garner ink. Following are some tips:

Address Industry Nuances
Don’t underestimate the importance of industry particulars and priorities. Take the time to go beyond generic advice by demonstrating how your insights apply directly to businesses in the specific category—for example, addressing key pain points or best practices.

Format and Timing Matters
Industry trade media often utilize different article formats, requiring a tailored approach to secure coverage. For example, some outlets do not cover breaking news or product announcements and others have specific guidelines for accepting byline pieces. Additionally, many trades require longer lead times.

Include Examples
Highlighting anecdotal examples of customers facing the issue you’re addressing in a particular industry will further credentialize your organization’s thought leaders by demonstrating the knowledge of both your core expertise as well as the industry itself.

*This post originally appeared in Y&A’s Spark Newsletter.

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