The Art of Media Relevancy

One of the most important parts of achieving stellar PR results is positioning corporate news so it fits into reporters’ interests today. Forget about the fact that hundreds of emails are slamming into their Inboxes each day and the phone rings off the hook—once you’ve moved past these timeless obstacles, the real challenge is nailing the right “hook” for sustained interest and relevancy. Here are some tips for a gut check on whether your announcement plans pass muster.

  • Examine Marketplace Storylines – Take a close look at the stories that your marketplace has focused on over the last six months. Are there patterns? How does your announcement fit into the grander scheme of things and more importantly, what high-priority issues does it help mitigate?
  • What’s Coming Down the Pike? – As Meggan Manson mentioned in her previous blog post, it’s important to evaluate upcoming known major industry announcements when considering press outreach. If your news is a natural fit, then you may be able to cultivate a plethora of opportunities to weigh in and serve as a resource. On the other hand, it may be better to avoid the major news timeframe if there isn’t a tie-in so you’re not competing for reporters’ bandwidth.
  • Line Up Validation Voices – You may believe your news is highly important to your industry, but often times including client, analyst or partner commentary in your outreach can help seal the deal. Third-party commentary provides validation for your news and shows reporters that other key industry players are invested in it.


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