It’s Official – PR is Dead

Yes, it’s sad but true. Public relations is a dying industry so PR pros and the powers that be have decided to pack it in. Here are the top five reasons: 

1) Awesome Content Everywhere – So much of the corporate-produced content today is extremely well-thought-out and insightful, who needs a good messaging partner that is strategic, professional and in-the-know on what resonates with specific audiences. 

2) Newswire Distribution Rules – Everybody knows if you put out a release on any of the major newswire services, you automatically get a pick up by the Wall Street Journal. Sure it’s a press release posting, but it’s the WSJ for goodness sakes. No need to build solid connections with journalists that are strongly tuned in to your industry that continue to tap you for shared expertise.

3) Rock Star Spokespersons – It must be reality TV or the rise of social media but today’s company spokespersons are flawless. They never make off the record comments on-the-record or reveal a Fortune 1000 client without permission. 

4) Strategy, Schmatagy – To hell with the strategy, companies need results yesterday. A few placements today and then a go-dark approach is far better than a long-term program chockfull of creative media relations ideas that will help reach your prospective customers. 

5) Nobody’s a Fool – Go find one journalist that relies on a PR pro today, I dare you!


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