Product Announcements: Giving Away the Secret Sauce?

Companies often grapple with formally unveiling products to the media without fueling competitors’ efforts by divulging too much information.  In fact, some shy away from announcing product info at all; however, sharing a limited amount of newsworthy information for media consumption CAN be successfully accomplished without giving away the “secret sauce”.

A good strategy for promoting product launches/updates involves boiling down the value points and centering key messaging around unique benefits, rather than drilling down on the minutia of features and functionality – these items, which may contain some proprietary data, are better served for data sheets and one-on-one customer interactions.

Also, companies can ensure that they are well prepared for product announcements by pre-briefing spokespersons on the level of information to be shared with media, so there is a comfort level and understanding prior to any interviews. Also be sure to create a few screen shots if appropriate, as media often request them to accompany product-focused stories.

In the end, product announcements can serve a valuable purpose—to show your organization’s momentum in providing your customers the latest and greatest solutions or services. By formally announcing significant products and services that meet your customers’ greatest needs, your organization is showing its commitment to the marketplace and serving as a thought leader that understands your industry’s key trends and challenges.


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